Projects include...

  • Atoll Reef Pool – Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Peter Lalas investigated underlying factors behind the glass failure on the Atoll Reef pool at Ocean Park, which occurred during a trial re-fill of water, after a major refurbishment. As Arup Façade Engineering’s glass specialist then available in Hong Kong, Peter prepared an expert witness report, including recommendations for replacement glass that would withstand the extreme environmental conditions under 6 metres of water.

  • Wintergarden Building – Sydney CBD

Peter Lalas was the façade engineer of the Pilkington Curtainwalls design team and analysed and set up a test programme for the granite from Finland to ensure that it would perform under the unique circumstances on the building and withstand environmental wind and weathering. Peter also supervised the prototype performance testing in Pilkington’s test rig and a full SIROWET on site.

  • Petronas Twin Towers – Kuala Lumpur

Peter Lalas won this project and was the façade consultant leader for Arup Façade Engineering, for specification and construction review services, engineering advice, testing expertise and project quality auditing throughout the construction of the 450m Petronas Twin Towers and podium. The towers are connected midway by a 58.4m double story skybridge, weighing 325 tonnes. Peter was also the fabricator’s design engineer for the Suria KLCC skylight.

  • Reflection Pool Skylight – Bras Basar, Singapore

Peter Lalas was the façade consultant for this project from concept through to completion. The glass skylight at ground-level, situated over an underground railway station (Singapore MRT) supports 75mm of water – a reflection pool, and is also able to support crowd loadings and even a car driven across the glass. Peter, at that time representing the Connell Wagner Façade Group, wrote the specification and reviewed the design detail for the reflection pool, supervising the prototype performance testing to confirm strength under extreme pressure and to ensure that water would be retained on the top-side of the glass skylight.

  • Palm Grove and Stadium Apartments, Wellington

Peter Lalas was the cladding expert for the body corporates for these projects – unfortunate examples of leaky building syndrome. Clad in a single skin cladding, the cladding and interfaces with windows and doors failed and were investigated with site inspections and testing. Peter’s expert witness report greatly assisted both body corporates to settle their cases satisfactorily.

Atoll Reef Pool Ocean Park
– Hong Kong

Garvan Institute
– Sydney Australia

Petronas Twin Towers
– Kuala Lumpur

Stadium Gardens
– Wellington

Palm Grove
– Wellington